“Our natural state is one balance, wholeness and vitality”! in the 1930’s Dr. Price traveled the world to observe populations untouched by civilization, living entirely on local whole foods. They eat fats, meats, fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, raw food seeds and whole grains in their whole “ unrefined “ states. These cultures were free of chronic disease, dental decay and mental illness. They were attractive, sturdy, healthy people, generation after generation. Dr. Price’s observation of so-called civilized diet, particularly Western diet of refined carbohydrates, high fructose corn syrup, devitalized fats and oils, takes away from our god- given genetic inheritance of vibrant health and physical perfection. I utilize this philosophy to rebuild nutrient deficient clients and I teach about the health benefits of good healthy fats and whole foods.


activates the body's own ability to heal and come into balance through an organic, plant-based diet. Raw juices and coffee enemas to help assist in cleansing. Gerson style has a whole-body approach to healing. By using this powerful approach the body's own immune system will get stronger. It restores the body's amazing ability to heal itself, by getting to the root cause, toxicity, and nutritional deficiency. It is a intensive detoxification regimen that eliminates toxins from the body, so true healing can begin.


is one of the oldest nutritional philosophies. In the Indian culture, holistic health acknowledges that a human being is body, mind, and spirit. Ayurveda is the solid union of these three components. It is the balance of these three factors and the further integration of each self with nature, family, and all living beings. Fragmentation of these three key elements is the source of illness. When we recognize this we begin to benefit from the practices of a holistic life. To live with a conscious state of mind is the vital step towards creating balance with one’s self. Acceptance of ourselves as we are is the greatest health of all. With this acceptance we can nurture ourselves to create harmony and make adjustments to foster change which will lead to balance vitality, and ultimately healings.  


Most traditions in the Far East Japanese and more recently, the Chinese and East Indians, follow a basic law as the dual principle of yin and yang. They follow the basic law of cosmic harmony reveled in diet and health. The knowledge of these qualities is indispensable for using food as medicine. East Asian diagnosis is powerful in its simplicity. It helps select the most useful remedies from the myriad possibilities. A balance in diet is unique for each person. This diet is mostly vegetarian, could be used in a cleanse, and rebuilding one’s constitution.  Balance is key to understand and learn to listen to one’s body and one’s personal needs. Macrobiotic emphasizes correct proportions, and to exercise the skill in eating but not overeating- mindful eating. It is important to  choose high quality organic foods, utilize proper food combining, and know the broad range of nutritious foods including chlorophyll-rich plants.  This diet includes a rich variety of grains, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, sea vegetables, and fruits that are cleansing. It all depends on the person’s health, constitution, the climate, and the degree of need of purification. I utilize this philosophy for a healing regime, to create balance, cleanse the body to restore health and vitality.

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